The Latest and Greatest on Azure IAAS: A Demo-Filled Workshop (SOLD OUT)

Learn the latest and greatest updates to the Azure Platform IaaS (and a bit of PaaS) services, bringing you all the required knowledge to start architecting and deploying Azure resources as soon as you are back in the office, with confidence. Because of the high pace and massive amount of content of this session, it is advised, though not recommended, to have experience with Azure concepts already, or have experience in using other public cloud platforms and are eager to learn what Azure Resource Manager has to offer.

Content is targeted to IT Pros, Architects, and Developers who are interested in a good combination of architect–to–architect knowledge sharing, inspired by a demo-packed workshop day.

You will learn:
• Best practices of Azure subscriptions and how to configure the right access roles
• About architecting and deploying Azure VMs, storage and complex network solutions
• Understanding Azure Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions
• Implementing Azure Identity and enabling Single Sign–On to SaaS applications
• Deploying Azure Applications Services
• Overview of the different Azure Monitoring tools available today
• DevOps concepts in an Azure world, aka Infrastructure as Code

Contents/Topics covered in the workshop:
• Azure subscriptions, Role Based Access Control, Azure Resource Policies
• Azure VMs, Azure Storage Overview, Availability Sets
• ARM Template design & deployment using Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code
• Azure Active Directory, Azure AD Connect, Azure Application Access Panel
• Azure Web Sites and Azure Mobile Services
• Log Analytics, Application Insights, Azure Monitor

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Full overview of Azure IAAS capabilities in a single day workshop
  2. Demo-packed session, delivered to +5000 attendees last year
  3. Learning Azure in a fun way, spiced up with notes and customer cases from the field
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