Learnings from a Microsoft 365 Developer Moving into the Power Platform

Yannick has been developing for 10 years, first on SharePoint and then on Microsoft 365. Most recently he started moving into Power Platform development, and he has been supporting a team of Dynamics 365 consultants moving into this cloud world. It provided some unique learnings and insights from both perspectives.

This session will cover patterns and practices for M365 development that can transfer to Power Platform, Microsoft Graph (and its wealth of information) & a lot of practical tidbits from real-world experience!

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Understand the similarities and differences between pro-dev on Microsoft 365 and Power Platform
  • Valuable tools from M365 and new tools in Power Platform that are useful for the evolving M365 developer
  • Go home with funny stories and anecdotes of how I struggled while making the transition
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