Making Dynamic Sites with Static Site Generators

You maybe became interested in the session by its title. You might think, is the whole point of going static, not to rule out the dynamic part so that your website is faster, more secure. That is all true, but when your website can only provide static data, there is not much to gain from it. In this session, Elio will tell you more about how he is running an online sticker store all from a static site. This store is the perfect example of showing the power behind static sites and how essential platforms like GitHub actions, Power Platform, and Azure Functions are to automate and make it work dynamically. If you are interested in knowing how static websites work or understand how you can couple platforms like Microsoft 365 and public sites, join this session to learn more.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Speed
  2. Static sites
  3. GitHub Actions and CI/CD
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