Manage your Data Security Risks with Microsoft Purview Information Protection

As data breaches and cyber-attacks become more frequent, it is essential to ensure that sensitive data is protected. Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations manage risks, protect sensitive data, and respond to regulatory requirements. MIP provides built-in, intelligent, and extensible solutions to help you secure your data wherever it lives.

This session covers the information security and compliance suite from a practical overview, down to implementation, recommendations and live demos. Some of the topics you will see are implementing your data classification based on sensitivity labels, gaining insights into your dark data with classifiers, and protecting your organization from data exfiltration with data loss prevention (DLP).

Are you part of a CIO Office, Security Office, or Data Governance team or interested in learning more about Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention check out this session! Attending this session will help to understand what Microsoft Purview Information Protection has to offer and how to put it to your advantage!


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