Managing PowerApps & Flow for the Reluctant IT Pro

Once upon a time, IT professionals working with SharePoint spent their days trying to make sure power users didn’t make too much of a mess while using InfoPath or yet another workflow engine. Along came the cloud, and all those worries were taken away in promise of a better future. And then Microsoft announced PowerApps and Flow. Did you know all your users can take full advantage of those and build new applications without IT knowing about them? In this session, we’ll have a look at the tools at your disposal to manage PowerApps and Flow effectively, their governance aspects and security implications, application lifecycle techniques and licensing gotchas. No hipster citizen developer will stand in your way anymore to take back control of your environment while still realising business value through new shiny tools.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. How to manage Flow & PowerApps in your organisation
  2. Deployment considerations for Flow & PowerApps
  3. Security aspects related to Flow & PowerApps
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