MCM/MVP Panel Session – Transitions – How to Adapt to Changing Requirements

From SharePoint on-premise, to Hybrid, to SharePoint in the cloud;  Never before have customers had such different requirements. While customer on Office 365 can be served with the latest and newest tools, use cases and APIs, we still need to maintain already existing SharePoint customisations.

This MVP panel is all about how to manage the transition between all those possibilities currently available. During this discussion panel there will be lively debate,  Q&A and we will aim to cover the following areas…..

  • Mythbusters! Busting the top myths people have about moving to the Cloud
  • SharePoint in the next 5 years- what do these experts think it will look like?
  • Good, Bad, Ugly- Great stories on successful and not successful deployments
  • How to bring currently deployed things to Cloud or make them “Modern”
  • What Applications will replace things currently done in SharePoint in future? Workflows, Team Calendar and more…


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