Microsoft Automation Tools for Azure Infrastructure

The Azure Portal is a great management tool for your Azure resources. However, you will quickly realize that management with the GUI wizards don’t scale. Some kind of automation is needed to fully embrace what Microsoft Azure offers in a consistent and optimal manner. In this workshop, you will learn how to provision and manage the most common infrastructure services, and how to automate tasks that are frequently performed in a cloud. Various automation technologies exist to create and manage Azure resources. The question is how to pick the right tool. Azure PowerShell or Azure CLI? Use imperative commands or provision using the powerful, declarative ARM templates? Execute your scripts from the Azure Cloud Shell or schedule them in the Azure Automation service? The full day tutorial includes a variety of practical exercises.

Tutorial Agenda 
Module 1: Using Azure PowerShell / Azure CLI / Azure Cloud Shell
Module 2: Automating Azure Networking
Module 3: Automating Azure Storage
Module 4: Automating Azure Virtual Machines
Module 5: Azure Resource Manager Templates
Module 6: Azure Automation 


Benefits of Attending this Tutorial: 

  • Learn about different automation tools that Microsoft offers today 
  • Learn about pros and cons of imperative and declarative Azure infrastructure deployment models 
  • Learn how to provision and manage the most common infrastructure services 
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