Microsoft Information Protection is Everywhere, Use it Wisely

Collaboration in Microsoft 365 is everywhere, in Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and more. Making sure you and your fellow co-workers are compliant with the company policy is quite the challenge. Transforming that piece of paper, outlining company policy, into solid controls which eliminate the risk of data exposure is key.

Which brings us to the question of HOW? Questions commonly asked are:

  • How do we support collaboration with customers, partners, and vendors without having the risk of sharing confidential documents
  • How do we keep “Secret” or “High Confidential” documents within our company boundaries?

But on the other hand, companies don’t want to create shadow-IT or block employees from getting their work done.

This session covers the basics of Microsoft Information Protection to support secure collaboration in Teams and SharePoint.

During the session, different demos will support the basics concept to instantly see Information Protection and related technologies in action.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Interested to get started with Information Protection and boost the confidence of controlling your company data?
  2. Learn more on Microsoft Information Protection and how this helps to secure your most valuable content
  3. Security is not a choice, it’s a standard. But how do I keep compliant with my company policy?
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