Microsoft Office 365 or Windows Azure – Have it Your Way

With so many cloud computing options and opportunities, where should you begin? Should you go “all in” with Office 365, use Azure to host your Apps, or even consider Azure to host SharePoint for infrastructure-as-a-service? Each option has its advantages – as well as risks. No matter where your SharePoint environment and content resides, governance and compliance concerns such as privacy and information security must be addressed. And with rapidly evolving capabilities, it may be time to re-examine which option is best suited to meet your business requirements. 

    In this presentation, attendees will be provided with:

  • Insight into the rapidly evolving capability sets that may affect your future planning
  • A roadmap for successfully navigating available deployment options best suited to house your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure
  • Governance and compliance considerations that will help determine which approach is right for you
  • Best practices for beginning to implement the architecture best suited to your business goals.
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