Microsoft Planner – The Unsung Gem in Office 365

Planner is a task management tool in Office 365 that’s enormously versatile, but often under-used. This talk is all about what it can do, ways to use it, and how to help the rest of your organisation get value from it.

We’ll take a look at how Planner fits into the Office 365 portfolio and the kinds of problem it solves well. This will be illustrated with specific scenarios around:

  • Project-managing a complex deliverable
  • Managing editorial pipelines
  • Issue management
  • Virtual meeting facilitation

Many people will be familiar with Trello, so we’ll weigh up the pros and cons and talk frankly about strengths and limitations. Potential users sometimes wonder how it differs from to-do lists or even Microsoft Project, so we’ll go through those comparison too.

Finally, we’ll look at some extra tricks, like integrating Planner with Flow and how Planner combines powerfully with Microsoft Teams

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Everything you need to know about Planner in one easy session
  • Learn how Planner is more than just a Kanban board for developers
  • See how even complex processes can be more intuitive on Planner than a traditional project plan
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