Microsoft Teams: What you SHOULD know about SharePoint

With the launch of Microsoft Teams, we suddenly found ourselves amidst a world where overnight, end users became super users, managed became chaotic over-adoption and SharePoint dropped off the map, or did it? For someone who entered the Microsoft 365 world through the SharePoint ‘portal’, it might be easy to understand the integration as well as importance of the SharePoint basics. However, many still struggle, as most issues in Microsoft Teams are directly related to owners and members in teams not being empowered in all the aspects necessary.

In this session Tracy will share valuable insights on:

  • The Teams / SharePoint information architecture
  • Valuable SharePoint features & settings used in Microsoft Teams
  • Office 365 Groups, the permission structures & pitfalls
  • How to manage risk & soothe the fear many have of working together in teams
  • Adding more to your Microsoft Teams with SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams Governance Tips

Never assume that everyone knows the basics, this session will help you understand the fundamentals that every team owner & member should understand to help them create healthy workplace ecosystems that adds value, AND saves them time.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Have a clearer understanding of how SharePoint fits into Microsoft Teams
  2. Manage risk related to working on content together in teams
  3. Gain insights on building better hybrid workplaces
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