Microsoft Viva Connections Adaptive Card Extensions (ACEs)

This session will provide the following:

  1. Introduction to VIVA connections
  2. Introduction to Adaptive Card Extensions (ACEs) – controls and views
  3. How to get started with creating ACEs Retrieving data in ACEs (SharePoint or external)
  4. Customising the way data can be displayed using adaptive cards
  5. Differences between web / desktop and mobile experiences

The session will then show a couple of example ACEs along with a code walk through

  1. An ACE that displays service health information of the tenant using Microsoft Graph
  2.  An ACE that displays “Office locations” in an organisation (from various data sources) and shows includes retrieving weather data asynchronously.

By the end of the session, the attendees will have an overview of ACEs and will be in a position to start creating ACEs that meet their requirements. The attendees will take away resources and code that they will undoubtedly use as a developer.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Understand how to develop Adaptive Card Extensions easily
  • Clearly understand the differences between mobile and desktop experience of VIVA connections
  • Lots of code to take away
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