MinRole – Simplifying Deployment

MinRole is a new feature in SharePoint Server 2016, allowing farm administrators to assign a role to each server when creating a new farm or joining a server to an existing farm. It will then manage the required services for the role on each server, as well as any additional services and service applications appropriate for the role. With MinRole, administrators no longer need to worry about which services should be started on which servers. The services for each server have also been optimally chosen based on Microsoft’s years of experience operating SharePoint Online at scale for performance and reliability. In addition, administrators would be better able to plan for capacity, and add additional servers as the farm grows. This session will give an overview and demonstrations , as well as serving as a platform for suggestions and improvements for the next evolution of this feature.

Benefit of Attending this Session: 

  1. MinRole is a new feature in SharePoint 2016 that simplifies deployment and maintenance by managing exactly what services need to be run on each server.
  2. Learn how to deploy a farm using MinRole, as well as all the benefits of using the feature including simplified management, optimised reliability, performance, and scalability.
  3. Let’s get SharePoint 2016 Farm Deployment “on rails” by providing feedback for further improvements!
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