Modern Workplace – How to Build Intune Managed Windows 10 with the Best User Experience

In this full day tutorial Petri shows you how to build and configure Azure AD Joined and Intune managed Windows 10 Workstation environment. And not just build ordinary environment but also configure Windows 10 Devices which have really good user experience, look and feel.

Could workstation deployment and management be as easy as deploying Office 365 environment to customer? Technologies like Windows Autopilot, Intune and Store for Business are heading that way.

Windows Autopilot removes needs to do imaging and driver management. In this workshop we go through all options to use Windows Autopilot and what you need to know when starting your own Autopilot testing and deployments.

Windows computer without applications is not usable so in this workshop Petri also shows the most common ways to deploy applications with Intune. With current deployment options we can install any application with Intune.

Good user experience, security and device settings are configured with Intune using many built-in features and last in line we can use Powershell to configure any setting in devices.

Petri also shares his real life’s experiences from several real-world projects based on his vast experience with Cloud Managed Windows 10 installations in hundreds of schools, cities and municipalities.

Even though Modern Workplace is usually thought to be Azure AD Joined and Intune managed devices we also have additional options to configure Hybrid Azure AD Joined devices and use Co-Management with System Center Configuration Manager. We will briefly go through these concepts also.

You will learn:

  • How to build and configure Intune Managed Windows 10 environment
  • How to configure and use Windows Autopilot for Windows 10 deployment
  • What settings to configure to get best user experience
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