More Than Restore: Ensuring a Happy Outcome After Data Loss

A complete and error-free backup is a necessary element of any successful recovery—but there’s much more involved than just saying, “Oh, I didn’t see any errors in the Event Viewer!” In this lively session, we’ll cover the key elements you should plan for in order to ensure a good recovery experience, including: immutability, the difference between disaster recovery and business continuity, how to compensate for the ongoing worldwide shortage of IT talent, the most common errors we encounter when helping customers restore their data, and lastly, practical, actionable tips you can use to improve your odds of getting all your data back when and where you need it.

Key takeaways you’ll learn in this session:

  • The 3 golden rules of cloud backup and restore
  • Why identity data needs to be the keystone of your planning
  • What your disaster recovery plan might be lacking (and what to do about it)
  • Common mistakes in backup planning (and how to avoid them)
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