Myth-busting GDPR in Office 365 & Azure

The GDPR highlights the need for protection of personal data held by organisations. To be able to do this Microsoft invested a lot in new features and functions like the Compliance Manager, the Office 365 Security & Compliance Centre or the GDPR Assessment Toolbox. Most sessions are done by lawyers talking about the law perspective or held by IT professionals talking about the IT perspective. This workshop is about IT and Solution architecture but focusing on the law perspective of GDPR. 

The workshop provides an overview about the topics you must respect, and which Office 365 & Azure features can be used to fulfil the regulation. In addition, we will talk about some myth-busting facts, for example: “What commission proposals on data protection DO and DON’T mean” or “The Court of Justice of the EU and the Right to be Forgotten” 

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Get a best practice concept to start with GDPR in your organisation 
  2. Learn which tools and features in Office 365 & Azure can be used to address GDPR requirements
  3. Myth-busting: get an overview about what GDPR did not mean 
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