Office 365 Labels Deep Dive

Document managers love metadata, but end-users generally don’t. Microsoft tried to make it easier for both content managers and end-users with the introduction of Office 365 Labels. But then there is Azure Information Protection labels too, which is migrating to Office 365 unified labels. And there is still SharePoint metadata of course. What are all these labels good for? How do they work together? And how can we use them best?

In this session I will explain the difference between retention labels and sensitivity labels. I will demonstrate how you can use labels to make sure your content stays safe and how to apply labels automatically, both on content in Office 365 and on content in local file shares. I will show how you can leverage Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies with your labels, and how Office 365 labels integrate into Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • What does Office 365 unified labels mean
  • How to set up both retention and sensitivity labels
  • Automatically apply labels based on content or context
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