Office 365 Video – Why and How?

In this session I will talk about Office 365 Video, one of the latest additions to the Office 365 platform. Microsoft calls it the first of their “NextGen” portals: Intelligent, Social, Mobile, and Ready-to-go. But why should you start using it? And how does it work? I’ll talk a little bit about the technical architecture behind Office 365 Video, how it uses Azure Media Services, how it leverages already existing Office 365 technologies like Yammer and Office Graph, and what that means for your environment. But mostly I’ll be demonstrating how it can really add value to your social collaboration environment. I’ll discuss some real-world scenarios, we have already encountered and implemented. And how you can use Office 365 Video to create your own corporate internal video channels, both from the mobile and web perspective.

Learn what Office 365 Video can mean for your social collaboration environment. Why should you start using Office 365 Video and how does it work? Get inspired by the samples and demos in this presentation, and start building your own internal video portal.

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