Office, Azure, Teams: An Eternal Golden Braid

Azure AD, Microsoft Graph, Azure Bot Service, Office Applications, Microsoft Teams, SPFx*, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Cognitive Services, Azure App Service; you might think that is a fairly diverse list of unrelated technologies. But actually, there is a thread that runs through all of them that connects them and allows you to draw all of them together to build innovative solutions that solve real business problems. We’ll explain how these technologies are interconnected and work together, along with some of the guiding principles and patterns. Whether you are a developer or an architect, or just want to understand the principles, there will be new things to learn, and new ways to apply your existing skills.

Join us in this session and we’ll show you how you can use all of those technologies together, and weave them into a tapestry of business-oriented cloud awesomeness. By attending this session, you’ll learn the latest and most relevant insights into Azure and Office 365 development.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Understanding Azure development opportunities on Microsoft 365
  2. Principles of modern development approaches
  3. Latest insights on Azure and Microsoft 365 development
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