OneDrive Mass Migration on a Large Scale

OneDrive enables users to be more productive. In order to bring OneDrive to the Next Level in your Enterprise environment, you typically have existing data and private home folders (often called H:).
We’ll guide you through the process to migrate your existing home folders to OneDrive taking a look at the big picture. We’ll talk about pre-requisites for OneDrive and how to manage such a migration scenario in an Enterprise environment. Therefore we’ll be using the free Microsoft SharePoint Migration Toolkit (SPMT), Migration Manager and tell you about Mover.

After this session, you‘ll be able to migrate your files to OneDrive using this tool and ensure that you don’t accidentally blow your Internet connection at the same time. Just imagine what happens with your 20 GB PST when opening it every morning and closing it in the afternoon.

Speakers are the famous Hans Brender (Mr. OneDrive and MVP) and Co-Speaker Dennis Hobmaier who will tell you stories from the field.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Migrate your existing home folders to OneDrive in Enterprise environments using free tools
  2. Learn pitfalls from Mr. OneDrive himself
  3. Learn the difference between SPMT, Migration Manager and Mover
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