PnP PowerShell is Dead, Long Live PnP PowerShell!

PnP PowerShell is being using by tens of thousands of companies world wide, and we measure over 60 million executed cmdlets per day. However, PnP PowerShell was based internally on a framework that was beginning to show it’s age. PowerShell moved on and we had to follow. The new PnP PowerShell is cross-platform, which means it runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. It also runs nicely in Azure functions and the Azure Cloud Shell.

Join me in this session and learn everything about the new PnP PowerShell! How to set up authentication, what things we did change and why, what’s new and even better, and more!

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Be up to date with the latest version of PnP PowerShell
  2. Learn how to run PnP PowerShell in Azure
  3. Be the cool kid with the company and learn how to get things done fast with PnP PowerShell
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