Power Apps and Power Automate Governance – Approaches from the Field

Power Apps can be transformative in an organization and the biggest gains happen when the business is empowered to create apps. But what happens when apps become critical? How should support be managed and how do I.T. discover these situations before it’s too late?

At some point, most organizations will need to bring governance to Power Apps and Power Automate. Once we have an army of business users successfully creating apps, how do we know what they are connecting to, with which accounts and whether organisational data or processes are being put at risk?

In this session we’ll show how to implement a framework to gather insights on usage of Power Apps and Power Automate in your environment, to ensure apps don’t go rogue and to build a community to foster good practices and knowledge-sharing (where new makers of significant apps are auto-invited and brought into the fold). This session is aimed at Office 365 administrators, I.T. technical leaders, Power Apps makers and anyone with an interest in ensuring Power Apps succeed in your environment.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Discussion of potential risks that come with widespread adoption of Power Apps and Power Automate
  2. Analysis of the open source “Power Apps COE Kit”
  3. Conveys real-world experiences from the field on bringing Power Apps governance to different organisations


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