Power Employee Wellbeing and Productivity with Viva and Teams

The global trend towards remote work (started in response to the coronavirus pandemic) brought with it an unexpected storm that affected employee wellbeing all over the globe. Millions of employees are more isolated than ever before, working for longer hours, with less human interaction, and an increased sense of burnout. The impact on workforce happiness and productivity is clear, and companies are struggling to come up with innovative ways to fight these problems.

In the session we will explore:

  • Employee well-being current situation, and expected future trends
  • What impacts productivity and wellbeing
  • New Microsoft Teams and Viva capabilities, including productivity insights, personal wellbeing experiences, and more
  • Additional solutions and strategies with Microsoft Teams for increased employee wellbeing and productivity

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Understand what affects employee productivity and wellbeing
  • Learn how to leverage Microsoft Teams and Viva to improve productivity and wellbeing
  • Take actionable checklists you can share with your team and colleagues
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