PowerApps: Build the Next Level PowerApp

PowerApps is a powerful service which is part of Office 365. It allows people to build apps which run on most common device platforms, like Windows, iOS and Android. The true power is unleashed when integrating corporate data and creating stunning visualisation to quickly gain insights into business processes. This session covers a brief overview of PowerApps but focuses more on integrating data into the app, visualising this data via different controls like charts and interacting with the data. In the demo we’ll create a PowerApp which exposes corporate data from different data sources. The user of the PowerApp can see the data based on charts and is allowed to make updates to the data. Handling the data and making updates to the data is covered during the introduction and demo, giving you an overall basic training like session. After this session you can start building your own PowerApps!

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Gain insights into building PowerApps which connect to multiple data sources
  2. Understand the design decisions when building PowerApps
  3. Learn how to customise your PowerApp with nice looking visual controls
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