PowerApps, the Developer Story: Build an API to Integrate Corporate Data

Microsoft released PowerApps to a selective audience as a private preview in November 2015. It’s a service for enterprises to connect data across clouds to create intelligent business apps faster than ever before and share them to any device. Besides addressing the business developer and power user, it also provides opportunities for developers. This enables enterprises to expose corporate internal sources to be used within PowerApps and unleash the power of PowerApps combined with internal data sources. This session goes into the details of the possibilities for developers to leverage the Azure App Services and build APIs to use within your PowerApps. Live demos cover building and managing the API which exposes the internal data within a PowerApp on your device.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn to love PowerApps and discover the real power by integrating corporate data
  2. Get an overview of PowerApps for developers
  3. How-to build a Azure API to integrate your corporate data into a PowerApp
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