Process Design Patterns and Options: Using the Right Automation Tool for The Right Task

Microsoft Flow is a great fit for many automation problems, but there are many kinds of workflow use cases. Some business problems need transaction support. Others need to manage content. Some involve data harvesting. Or adaptive case management. Or systems administration. Or data synchronization. Different use cases need different types of tools. There are known design patterns and known solution approaches, and this session is as much about best practices as it is about avoiding mistakes. 

Metaphorically speaking, this will be all about making sure you use a hammer to pound nails and a screwdriver to twist bolts; we’ll mention some third-party offerings in addition to Microsoft-delivered tech, but we won’t play favourites. 

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. A broad overview of common automation patterns. 
  2. An explanation of different ways to approach automation processes. 
  3. Recommendations of various tools’ strengths and challenges, both within and outside of Microsoft. 
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