Protect Your Work and Empower People to Collaborate Securely in Office 365

In this session, learn what’s available and how to implement them to help you protect content created and secure collaboration happening across products in your Office 365. Discover the Security and Compliance center as well as other methods to secure your environment through the help of Azure and its capabilities.

You’ll go over lessons learned and current workarounds to frequent requirements in organisations so you benefit from their experiences.

Here are some of the things covered:

– Labels for security and retention

– How to enable the sharing method that works for you, internally and with external users

– Information Protection capabilities for your content

– Data Loss Prevention

And anything else available for you to enable more of Office 365 while staying confident of the work being done within is protected and secured.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Discover what’s available to help you secure your environment
  • Benefit from the experiences of others having already done it
  • Adopt more of Office 365 with confidence
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