Provider-Hosted Apps…. The Real Stuff

This session will introduce the audience to SharePoint provider-hosted apps. This type of app runs on a server outside of SharePoint. We will demonstrate how to create apps using familiar Technologies like ASP .NET Web Forms and ASP .NET MVC to create and run the app. There will be a particular focus on the authentication process, how to obtain and add client id’s and client secrets, and the different publishing options available via Visual Studio. At the end of the session we will also include some guidance notes on where and when to use provider-hosted apps as opposed to other SharePoint-related technologies. 

Learn how to create, publish and run SharePoint Provider-hosted apps. Learn how the authentication process between SharePoint and the app work and how to publish your app properly. Learn how to use well known Technologies like ASP .NET Web Forms and ASP .NET MVC as basis technologies for your apps.

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