Real-World Lessons for Provider-Hosted Office 365 Apps Built on Azure (Level 300)

The Office 365 app model has plenty of cheerleaders and detractors; this isn’t that. This is about real-world experience and real-world lessons. See what it takes to make a successful cloud app by diving into an actual successful cloud app. Nintex built its Office 365 offering as a native cloud solution, meant to be multiuser, multi tenant, and massively scaleable from Day One. It takes full advantage of the App Model, HTML5, remote APIs, and a lot more. This isn’t a tour of Nintex’s feature set, but rather a tour of what we did to embrace the new way of building apps — and how you can, too.

In this session you will learn:
1. Where an Office 365 development effort can go wrong and how to work around it.
2. Key changes in the mindset of developing in the cloud, for the cloud.
3. What it takes to deploy, manage, and govern Azure apps for Office 365.

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