SharePoint and Teams Provisioning: How To Choose the Right Tools for Automation?

One of the most common development scenarios for Office 365 environments is workspace provisioning. How can we automate setting up new SharePoint sites and Teams teams so the end user needs to do as little configurations manually as possible? There are many different tools you can choose from to implement your provisioning pipeline, but how do you know which one could be considered as “best practice” for your scenario?

Come to this session and you will learn about the most common provisioning scenarios among customers, what technology options are available (e.g., Flow, Logic Apps, Azure functions, Site Designs etc.), what things you need to consider when making the decision between them, recommendations, pitfalls, lifecycles, and governance.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Learn about what are the most typical workspace provisioning scenarios among customers.
  • Learn what options you have when it comes to implementing workspace provisioning.
  • Learn how to decide which ones of the available tools are the most suitable for your situation.
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