SharePoint and Dynamics CRM: A Match Made in Heaven?

A solution built on an integrated SharePoint and Dynamics CRM holds a lot of potential, but the reality can be very different. Often it is unclear the role each product performs; there is a lot of scope for overlap, the integration is not as easy as you may think and often one product is poorly implemented.  This session therefore explores what roles the different products perform well, where there is potential cross over and how to deliver successful solutions.  Specific focus will be given to the document management integration; to understand the functionality and its limitations. Other integration areas will be discussed including Yammer, Workflow, BCS and Business Intelligence.  Consideration will be given to the integration of different product versions, along with differences between Office 365 and On Premises deployments.  Finally, areas of further integration will be discussed, including integrating with Office 365 Groups. There will be real world guidance on approaching an project using the two technologies.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn about the latest integration features between CRM and SharePoint
  2. See the benefits it could bring to your organisation
  3. Learn how best to implement solutions using these tools
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