Practical Guide for SharePoint Online Migrations – Assess, Prepare, Migrate, Validate

Migrating your existing environment to SharePoint Online can be complex. While many organisations focus on the content migration aspect, a successful approach should also contain infrastructure analyses, content analyses, solution design, tool selection, migration strategy, rework and communication. In this session we will give a practical guide of how to setup your migration factory from start to finish and give insights in lessons learned at enterprises. Topics that will be discussed:
– How to execute the content assessment and what information drives your migration approach
– How to minimise the amount of data to migrate without freaking out the business
– Building your migration factory with high speed migration throughout in mind
– How to apply your site template afterwards including fixing meta data and content types (IA)
– How to categorise existing sites in complexity and define effective migration approach
– How to track process and dealing with “the last mile”.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn practical migration approach based on lessons learned from the field
  2. Get sample apps and scripts that can be used during the migration
  3. Understand what did and what didn’t work at enterprise scale migrations
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