Spin Your Tale: The Fiction Writers’ Guide to Telling YOUR Story

People are talking about you behind your back.

Your friends. Your co-workers. Your management. People you don’t even know. They’re all doing it.

What are they saying?

What? You don’t know?!

Whether you like it or not, your name has a brand attached to it. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Your brand is your professional reputation.  It’s what you’re known for. It’s what you’re an expert at. It’s why people call on you.

Here’s the kicker though: You can’t control your brand. It’s what other people think, say, and feel about you.

However, you CAN craft and control your story, the thing that leads to your brand.

You need to Spin Your Tale.

If you don’t spell out for people the story you want told about you when you’re not around, they will absolutely make it up for you. In your absence. Likely leading to a brand that you may not love.

People who spin their tale have made it big in this world. No matter what they do for a living, where they come from, or who they know. All that mattered was how they spun their tale. And today you will join the global community of people who have done exactly this.

Welcome to the tribe.

Additional speaker Heather Newman has been added to the Women in Technology Lunch line up.

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