Strong Story to Tell: Top 10 Mistakes by Administrators about Remote Work

The sudden shift to remote working has left businesses at a far higher risk of cyber-attacks, largely due to their corporate infrastructure being exposed to new external attack vectors and threats. However, although cybercriminals worldwide used the global crisis to spread their wings on an unprecedented earlier scale, there are possibilities and ideas that also administrators and regular users can come up with in 10 minutes! This is the time that allows a hacker to attack your infrastructure. Effectively! With a chance for a coffee…

During the session, you will learn the top 10 mistakes related to remote work security, the hackers’ perspective on the home office, different situations hackers can create to be able to access the company’s information by overusing the situation and solutions and approaches companies can implement to make the home office a safe workplace. You will also become familiar with attacks on the company’s resources through users connected through VPN, demonstration of how hackers can attack the user’s workstation, and many more related with technical challenges of remote work, also on mobile devices.

The presentation includes the demonstration of the vulnerabilities found by Paula and the relevant mitigation. This topic is crucial for all cloud/identity admin, as it will showcase problems with an identity that can be found in almost every organization. And, most probably, these problems will be a part of the IT reality for many upcoming years.

Paula would like to present the most up-to-date security solutions, and share the whole experience gathered through the years, which help you to avoid being a part of a hacker’s paradise!

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Remote Work
  • Hacker’s perspective
  • Corporate infrastructure
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