What is Sway and How it will Change the Publication Process Forever?

We all know how publication currently works in SharePoint but is it the only way to publish content? What is new about content management? During this session we will focus on what is SWAY really and how it is strongly connected to the publishing process. With detailed examples and concrete publication scenarios, we will see how SWAY is already used in some Office 365 and Docs.Com applications. We will discover how publishing blog posts in Office 365 is simply based on this new publishing process strongly focused on content. We will discover how easy it is to identify external or enterprise photos, videos and all other kind of medias directly related to the content using search and Delve. We will see how it helps to create incredible publications that can be easily adapted to the way users want to consume this content. Word or PowerPoint? Web or client? Let your readers decide how they want to receive your publications.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Learn – What is Microsoft Sway?
  2. Find out what is new in content management and publication
  3. Sway or the next-gen publishing model?
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