Test-driven Development with SharePoint, Office 365 and Visual Studio

This session follows on from my Lean-Agile SharePoint Development talk in Copenhagen, 2013 and goes deeper into test-driven development (TDD) with practical examples. In particular we’ll take a deeper dive into building unit and integration tests and see how these can be used as part of the TDD cycle. SharePoint 2013 continues to support the “traditional” SharePoint development model and we will take an in-depth look at ways of using TDD practices, which can be a challenge. But in addition in SharePoint 2013 we now have the “SharePoint Add-in” development model with the emphasis on client-side development. Now we have a new set of technologies and development patterns. Prepare for a headlong dive into the brave new world (for us) of client-side JavaScript testing and development best-practices.

In this session you will:
– Learn about TDD practices and motivation
– TDD techniques for both server-side and client-side development
– Find out about test frameworks and techniques

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