The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Project Online

Welcome to The Hitchhikers’ Guide to Project Online, the most comprehensive one-hour reference to navigating the choppy waters of a Project Online implementation. Here you’ll learn how to navigate your way to a successful Project Online implementation via well-known locations such as Tenants, Resource Pools, EPTs, ECFs, oData, Roadmaps, Power BI Content Packs and so much more! During this one-hour demo, I won’t take you to The Restaurant At The End Of the Universe, but I will give you an informative session packed with help and advice to help you get the best out of Project Online. I’ll show you which routes lead to trouble and strife, and which are stress free. It was 15 billion years before Douglas Adams wrote the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I’ve done the same for Project Online in less than 5! Go and grab your Babel Fish and come along for the ride! 

 What you’ll learn:

  1. Best practise and guides to implement Project Online
  2. Utilise Microsoft’s Power BI Project Online Content Pack
  3. Translate the Microsoft TLAs using your very own Babel Fish


Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Understand how to spin up a Project Online Tenant 
  2. Understand the licensing requirements (aagghhh, but EVERYONE asks!) 
  3. End to end understanding of Project Online 
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