The Microsoft 365 Ecosystem: What You Should Know

For so many years we’ve been asked the question “When to use what?” or “Does this replace that?”.

For those working in the space every day, it is self-explanatory, but for so many out there: it is not and the uncertainty causes more damage than anticipated.

In this full-day tutorial, we’ll cover the following:

  • An A-Z walkthrough of the Microsoft 365 apps and services, their purpose & more importantly, the benefit they can add to your company. This  overview will help you understand the mutualistic symbiosis that exist between the products vs the competition we thought previously existed.
  • An overview of the integration between the apps, which is where the real value lies.
  • A glimpse into the settings that you should consider applying while you grow the maturity of your new hybrid workplace.

Gaining new perspectives through your learnings would be beneficial, but without documenting your intent and developing your digital strategy, your efforts will be futile. Business and IT Governance has been a thorn in the side of many IT professionals, and not just because we dislike creating documents, but more so as those governance documents are rarely if ever used or updated. They’re simply a tick box on a checklist and nothing more.

In this session, we will also:

  • Cover the steps to create a portal for your digital strategy.
  • Take a look at how to better document your business decisions using page templates.
  • See how we can make these ‘governance documents’ available as multipurpose training and support tools.
  • Discuss creating mentorship forums with insights and input into the strategy.
  • List the various resources to stay up to date and feed back into your digital strategy.

This workshop is meant for business decision makers, trainers, citizen developers & IT administrators.  Attendees of this workshop will gain perspective on how the apps and services work together to support their digital / hybrid workplace. Knowledge gathered will also help to sooth some of that fear surrounding the governance of Microsoft 365 environments.

Date: Friday 28 May

Time: 10.00-16.30 CEST

Level: 200


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