The Microsoft On-premises Data Gateway – Hybrid PowerBI, PowerApps, Flow and Logic Apps

The Microsoft on-premises data gateway is a service that can be deployed centrally in your on-prem environment to give access to on-prem data from Microsoft cloud services. In this session Maarten will show you how to setup the data gateway, including some attention points and troubleshooting tips. When the data gateway is up-and-running, we can now access on-prem SQL Server data, SharePoint content, and files on fileshares. Multiple scenarios will be covered: access to on-prem SQL data from PowerBI, access to on-prem SharePoint lists from PowerApps and Flow, and access to a local fileshare from Azure Logic Apps, all using the same data gateway. Including live demos of course.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Consume on-premises SQL data in PowerBI
  2. Read from and write to on-premises SharePoint lists from PowerApps and Flow
  3. Access files on local fileshares from Azure Logic Apps
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