The Ultimate Microsoft Teams Administrator Workshop

What do you get when you put together a Microsoft MVP with a collaboration background and a Microsoft MVP with a Unified Communications background? The answer is the Ultimate Microsoft Teams Administrator Workshop!

Microsoft Teams is used by over 300 million users daily, but many organizations still do not maximize its potential, or are worried that not all governance settings are configured correctly. In this workshop , you will learn everything you need to know to manage Microsoft Teams in your organization.

We will start by building a strong foundation and learning the architecture of Microsoft Teams, and how it’s connected to Microsoft 365 Groups, SharePoint, and Entra ID. We will then cover the different tools we have to manage teams as well as the different roles.

With our solid foundation built, we will then learn about Microsoft Teams collaboration configuration, and cover all the amazing settings we can configure as an administrator to enable compliant collaboration in Microsoft Teams! As part of collaboration, we will of course cover external user configurations and learn about External Access, Guest Access, and Shared Channels!

We will then move over to more advanced scenarios and learn about Microsoft Teams Governance! We will cover everything from naming conventions, expiration policies, ownerless groups – and then go into our over 10 policies we can configure for Microsoft Teams. We will learn about Template policies, Meeting Policies, Messaging Policies, and more!

Finally, with the increase of Hybrid work, we will cover very important voice and calling information. We will learn how to configure Teams for calling, call queues, auto attendants, and we will even configure a Meetings Room during our workshop so you can see the experience live!

One more thing, did we mention that during this workshop you will be able to follow along and do everything in your own demo environment? Doing is the best way to learn, and we will make sure you have a safe environment where you can practice during our workshop!


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