It’s Time to Ditch Excel – Create Proper Plans with Microsoft Project & Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner are THE Microsoft tools you should be using to create and track projects, not Excel. In this session I’ll show you how to wean yourself off Excel and towards a tool that’ll give you better plans, is more collaborative and is easier to track. Depending on what you need out of a project plan, Planner, Project or a combination of both (yes, Microsoft have provided a level of integration) will provide a better solution than Excel. Join me in this session, understand whether Planner or Project is the right tool for you, and begin to take back control of your projects! 

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Concrete examples of the use of Planner and Project 
  2. Kanban boards and reports in Planner 
  3. Using Project in an Agile environment and great reports! 
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