Top Office 365 Development Techniques to Master – The Hitlist

Things move fast in Office 365 development, and as Microsoft evolve the platform and APIs, new techniques and approaches become available all the time. As the head of a talented dev team, Chris regularly updates his list of techniques that he believes are essential to have good capability building Office 365 solutions. Between SPFx, the Graph, Teams development, coding in Azure Functions and building solutions in PowerApps and Flow, let’s walk through high-value scenarios at the end of 2019 that should be in every experienced coder’s toolbox, with a demo and code sample for each. This session will help you close any skills gaps and should be a great conversation with some bright minds in the room.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Demos of SPFx, Teams and Graph integration
  2. Demo of complex PowerApp
  3. Code samples to take away
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