Transforming Corporate Communications with Microsoft 365: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Corporate communications are essential for building trust, engagement, and collaboration within and across organizations. However, many communicators face challenges such as information overload, siloed teams, outdated tools, and lack of feedback. How can you overcome these obstacles and create effective, impactful, and engaging corporate communications?

In this full day tutorial given by Susan Hanley and Mark Rackley, you will learn how to leverage the latest capabilities in Microsoft 365 to:

  • Create and distribute dynamic, personalized, and relevant content to your audiences using SharePoint News and Viva Engage
  • Use Viva Amplify to manage campaigns and measure the effectiveness of messages and channels
  • Leverage AI to improve communications content and outcomes
  • Measure and improve your communication outcomes and impact with analytics and insights
  • Plan an effective communications strategy that works for your organization

You will also get to see examples and best practices from successful corporate communicators and communications. Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 or a seasoned user, you will find valuable tips and tricks to take your corporate communications to the next level.


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