Troubleshooting Azure Virtual Machines

We all know by now that template-based deployment model is the right way to provision your Azure Windows and Linux VMs. However, you may need to run scripts and commands in a VM to automate operational tasks and troubleshoot issues. What to do when PowerShell remoting and SSH connection are not an option? Azure provides a solution even for the virtual machines that are not network connected or responsive.

In this demo-heavy session you learn how to use Custom Script Extension, Run Command, Hybrid Runbook Worker, and Serial Console and some other remote troubleshooting tools that are available to run scripts and commands within your VMs. No Azure VM left behind.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Learn how to fix misconfigured RDP or SSH configuration
  2. Use Serial Console to run commands on a disconnected VM
  3. Troubleshoot VM connections and learn to check if traffic is allowed or denied
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