Turn M365 into an evergreen, time-saving, high-scale Enterprise Management Solution with WorkPoint 365 – joined on stage by Grundfos

Getting a streamlined business solution that fits your business’ needs is expensive, time-consuming, and takes a lot of developing hours. SharePoint has a lot of great tools to offer but sometimes it needs more to be both efficient and productive. Years of development and thousands of EUROS later, you could have your solution. But what if we tell you that with WorkPoint’s integrated IT-solutions, you can have a streamlined business solution that is both quickly implemented, much cheaper than many alternatives, and with even more potential for scalability?

In modern business, it’s not the journey to the end-goal that’s most important, but actually reaching that goal – that is where we focus. But are you ready to wait 2 years to have your evergreen solution, when there is a much faster option easily available to you?

WorkPoint can provide you with an evergreen solution on top of your most used applications in Microsoft 365 in just one week. That’s it. You think that is too good to be true?

Then we definitely think you should listen to one of our customers, Grundfos, who’ll be joining us on stage, and see the real power of WorkPoint 365 IT-solutions.

From Grundfos, they’ll share their journey to the Microsoft cloud using their WorkPoint 365 platform. Furthermore, they’ll show you how they have enabled their organization by standardizing their WorkPoint business solutions in their own Microsoft tenant, in a cost-effective way.

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