Understanding Delve & the Office Graph

Delve & the Office Graph

Delve began rolling out to Office 365 tenants almost two years ago now. Yet it is still an often misunderstood technology. Some customers are confused or nervous about rolling it out to their users and may be missing out on valuable insights as well as a key aspect of the Office 365 value proposition. Delve, built on the Office Graph, can surface the most relevant content automatically, rather than trying to filter through the noise and chase down the content we need. In this demo-rich presentation, Paul will provide an overview of both Delve and the Office Graph, how they work from a mechanical perspective, their business impact and pitfalls to be aware of. He will also cover opportunities to develop custom solutions based on the Office Graph.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Gain a solid understanding of what Delve and the Office Graph are
  2. Learn how Delve and the Office Graph work
  3. Gain awareness of potential pitfalls and unintended results



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