Using Azure Dev Ops Boards to Manage Dev or Support Team Work

In many organisations, the workload of a technical team is still managed in SharePoint lists, Excel, Planner or Microsoft Project. However, Azure Dev Ops Boards offer a much better, more visual way for many groups – and it isn’t just for highly-technical dev teams on agile projects. Various types of backlogs and boards exist – these include a Kanban board to suit a team working on a regular pipeline of requests (e.g. a support or help desk team) and a scrum board to support agile development projects (e.g. using sprints and a sprint planning process). There’s something in there for most types of teams and work.

This session will start at the beginning by showing the different types of boards and backlog, and move on to customising things to really suit how your team works. Over the course of several demos we’ll cover various hints and tips, and also consider how to take things to the next level with automated builds (with Dev Ops Pipelines) that tie into work item tracking.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  • Learn about licensing requirements for Azure Dev Ops Boards
  • Understand the different board and backlog types
  • See in-depth demos of Kanban boards and sprint/iteration boards, and how to customise both
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