Using Microsoft Flow in Real World Projects: 2 Years Later and What’s Next

2 years after being released, Microsoft Flow has reached a great level of maturity and flexibility that makes it an awesome tool for building real corporate applications and to energise your Office 365.

In this session we bring together 2 people who have really experimented with Flow in the field and who will share their valuable experience: Serge Luca who has realised many Flow projects, and Jon Levesque a core member of the Microsoft Flow team in Redmond who will share the Microsoft Flow roadmap and who will clarify the vision behind Flow.

Serge will summarise most Flow issues that you need to be aware of before starting a Flow project and Jon will explain how the Flow team will tackle them in the future.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get tips & tricks for Flow
  2. Receive real-life lessons learned from the field
  3. See the future presented by a member of the Flow team
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