Walk the Line with MS Teams: Excited End Users & Overwhelmed IT or Vice Versa?

Microsoft will continue to connect M365 apps and services to MS Teams. While this is overall very exciting, the average end-user might not need or want much more functionality than is already available. At the same time, a new feature could just be what they need to make their daily work a bit easier. For IT, the struggle is real, too. Updates keep coming and how does one keep track of them, assess them, and decide how and whom to roll them out to? Antje Lamartine is going to present a strategy to deliver to end-users just what’s right for them and tackle the challenges a modern-day IT department faces today with evergreen M365 cloud services.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Gain understanding of Business and IT Challenges with evergreen services
  • Understand the importance of engaging the business and end-users
  • Hear a strategy for how IT can become a solution provider
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