Walkthrough of Steps to Establish a Power Platform CoE for your Organization

Microsoft Power Platform CoE Starter Kit consists of components designed to support organizations with their strategy for utilization and adoption of Microsoft Power Platform, with a focus on Power Apps and Power Automate. Establishment of a Power Platform CoE can motivate & drive innovation within an organization and at the same time, keeps custom apps consistent and compliant with organizational governance rules & standards. Establishment of a Power Platform CoE is done following a three-phase approach:

  1. Assessment phase: includes verification of the current landscape, environments, applications including workflow migrations, existing automations via set up of MS Power Platform CoE Starter kit, running discovery workshops to define future vision, identification of business problems to solve, evaluation of the Security & compliance rules that are required to be established, etc.
  2. Adoption phase: Includes enablement of Citizen developers through “App In a Day” sessions, as well as set up of an app delivery model, build reusable components, define DLP & monitoring rules, etc.
  3. Nurture & Scale up phase: Includes platform development and Digital studio Design approach for complex high-business processes / LOB custom apps as well as Monitoring and Reporting of adoption progress.

In this session we will learn about MS Power Platform CoE Starter kit & what it offers. We will also elaborate on the three-phase approach to establish a power platform CoE for your organization. The content of this session is related to a client case study.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Learn about MS Power Platform CoE Starter kit
  2. Approach towards assessment & adoption of Power Platform in an organization
  3. Learn about nurturing your citizen developers & scaling up
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